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Here’s where you can find details on what happened, background on the program and archived audio and video (soon).

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Di-Ann Eisner of Platial hosted a mash-up breakout. In less than an hour, the group brought together video, photos, blogs, their own information. The site explains how they did it and what they used.

More Background and Pre-Conference Details

When: February 7-9, 2007
Where: Storer Auditorium, University of Miami
Presented with major support from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.
In cooperation with the University of Miami School of Communication and the University of Miami School of Business.

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We Media Miami explores and fosters the use of digital media to build and improve real communities in a connected society.

This is the third year for the We Media conference. Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore spoke at We Media 05 hosted by The Associated Press in New York; BBC Managing Director Mark Thompson, Reuters CEO Tom Glocer, actor Richard Dreyfuss and Nitin Desai of the United Nations participated in the We Media Global Forum in 2006 hosted by Reuters and the BBC in London.

In Miami, the conference will focus on two connected themes:

  • Community: How can media and communications in a multitude of forms, produced or influenced by an ever-expanding multitude of sources, serve and strengthen the communities where people live?
  • Investment: In a shifting communications marketplace, how will investors, public and private funders or new formulations of social entrepreneurship pay for and sustain the civic enterprises of news and information?

The program includes a series of roundtable discussions and a variety of participatory activities involving communities, individuals and organizations to help participants understand and address the challenges of a changing multi-media world, and to stimulate innovation and investment in projects and services that strengthen communities.

Who Attends?

We Media gathers about 300 international participants: senior executives, decision makers, storytellers, artists, investors, innovators, strategic thinkers, developers of information technologies, entrepreneurs, community leaders and researchers from media, advertising, public relations, marketing, news, entertainment, finance, telecommunications, technology, philanthropy, government, NGOs, social activism and academia.

Why Attend?

A diverse group of leaders from a variety of industries and professions come together to learn from each other and to think about, explore, be inspired by and build upon the shared knowledge and the collective intelligence of the connected society. Their collective efforts spawn new ideas, information, services and businesses.

Roundtables bring together diverse groups of thought-leaders to expose and cross-pollinate thinking about strategic communication. The audience participates in discussion on site and online. Through discourse participants come to a new awareness of the challenges they lead and the values they find important.

Meetups, Mashups, Collaborations and Pitches

We Media Miami functions as a marketplace of ideas AND actions – and a meeting ground for an eclectic and ambitious group of funders, entrepreneurs, community activists, media executives and strategic thinkers on social action. Together they seek new collaborations, new relationships and new ways of thinking about opportunities to build a better-informed society.

Conference organizers facilitate presentations and discussions with venture capitalists and other funders, as well as facilitate independent meetings and discussions among speakers, participants and exhibitors.

Get Personal

Speakers will conduct small-group discussions or question-and-answer sessions. Funders and venture capitalists are available for pitches and collaborations to achieve new partnerships and projects.

Counseling and Mentoring

Speakers and other participants are available for a series of informal meetings, interviews and mentoring sessions on key, emergent issues and developments shaping the changing media ecosystem and the communities that are forming around them.

Plan. Meet. Collaborate.

Registered participants will have advanced access to collaborative networking software to create profiles and identify participants and speakers at the conference with whom they can arrange one-on-one meetings, mentoring sessions or interviews. Plan some meetings in Miami with other participants. The conference will facilitate these and other collaborations.

Workshops and Demos

In an exhibit area, organizations conduct workshops on technologies, tools, applications and systems that stimulate civic engagement and which organize and benefit communities.

Random Acts of Media

A showcase of innovative stories, ideas and applications that are being expressed through collaborative media, interspersed through the conference.

Video Festival

Submit videos from personal media devices for the conference’s “We Space” – a video festival open to community groups and the public. Videos will be shown at the Cosford Cinema on the University of Miami campus. Public workshops open the discussion and demonstrations to the community. Individuals and organizations contribute ideas and projects.

Register Online Now

45 thoughts on “We Media Miami Overview

  1. Hi,
    I came across your site through a deliberate effort to locate media partners with broad objectives of improving service delivery by media practitioners and stakeholders.

    I am particularly interested by your focus-use of media to build and improve real communities in a connected society.My organisation- the Voice of Nigeria is very much interested in sending its staff to attend the programme scheduled for February 2007, however we shall appreciate your kind consideration in providing direct sponsorship or recommending Voice of Nigeria to other organisation capable of providing such sponsorship.
    You can visit Voice of Nigeria at http://www.voiceofnigeria.org.

    We anxiously await you response.

  2. Andrew, thanks. Our deadline for fellowship applications has already passed. If you can find another means to attend we’d love to see you – or if not, plan to participate in our online conversations beginning next month.

  3. Hi,
    What was the deadline for fellowship applications? This conference sounds interesting, and it is a shame that expensive fees exclude people from participating. If you are serious about building community, then inclusivity is important. If we know the deadline for future years, maybe we can apply then.

  4. Rita, thanks and sorry you missed the fellowshp deadline. Still, point taken. We are serious about building an open community, but at the same time the costs of producing a conference like this are substantial. We know there are lots of conferences that charge less – they are also conducted differently, with different expectations of the experience. There are also many media and business conferences that charge a great deal more than what we’re charging for We Media – our sponsors help us keep the costs down.

    Meanwhile, we’re just getting started with fund-raising and outreach to other sources. And we’re aiming to roll out a membership model next year with lower-cost membership fees for non-profits and educators (and for startup companies). If we can draw modest support from members then our annual conference pricing could look very different in 2008. I would LOVE to charge less. More to your point – we don’t want cost to be an obstacle to participation. We’ve partially addressed that problem through our felowship program.

    The fellowhip deadline was in early November (described back in October here.

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  6. A thousand dollars?

    How do you expect this event to benefit everyone, when only those wealthy enough to set aside a THOUSAND BUCKS for travel and registration can attend? I’m a professional journalist – a news anchor – and I can’t afford that. And I live in Miami!

    I’d love to take part in this, but the price is just insane. Isn’t there another way?

  7. Dear Sirs

    Happy New Year.

    I am Nepalese journalist. Who representative Federation of Nepalese Journalists (FNJ) out of valley. My work place is in chitwan. I am very interested to attended this programme. But our condition is very critical. You know just we are going peace process. I have no any card for registration. Time is Very short. Have you any fellowship? Whose covered my travel and accommodation? Can you help me? Can you send me invitation letter in my mailing address? Thanks for help.


    Bishnu P. Chhimeki

    Executive Member

    Federation Of Nepalese Journalists(FNJ)

    Central committee

    Chief Editor

    Paradarshi Daily

    Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal

    Tel: 00977-56-520080

    Cell: 00977-9845048500

    E-mail: chhimeki123@yahoo.com

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  9. As part of our panel discussion next week, I’ve put together a survey that was posted on my blog:


    The survey will run until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 7, 2007.

    Here are some of the questions:

    Does blogging create community?

    What is your definition of a community?

    If you’d like to participate, here is the link to the poll:


  10. Hi,
    I am a journalist from Rwanda, East Africa, and have been following and reading your site.
    Your ideas are provocative and I’d love to attend your conferences but the rates are prohibitive and the fare equally high.
    I agree with colleagues on the aspect of funding or fellowships to enable us to attend.
    Nevertheless, I will try to follow the proceedings on your blogs and website.
    Kind regards,

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