We Media Program

Program (subject to change)
Updated: January 25, 2007

Wednesday, February 7

5:30-7 p Reception
School of Communication courtyard, University of Miami
Welcome by Sam Grogg, Dean of the School of Communication University of Miami
Dale Peskin and Andrew Nachison, managing directors of iFOCOS
7 – 8 Walk-through at Storer Conveners and moderators

Thursday, February 8

8 / 8:15 a Shuttles from The Mayfair Hotel, Coconut Grove, to University of Miami
8-9 Coffee and registration Storer Auditorium
9-9:30 Welcome: We Media Storer Auditorium
9:30 –11 Community Forum Storer Auditorium
How communities real and virtual are changing through media. What are the new ways for people to use information, news and journalism to imagine their collective possibilities as communities, and to set and reach common community goals.
Merrill Brown, MMB Media
Shel Israel, Naked Conversations author
Lisa Stone, BlogHer
Rich Skrenta, Topix
Ian Rowe, MTV
Jan Schaffer, J-Lab
Go-to participants:
Eduardo Hauser, DailyMe
Jennifer Carroll, Gannett
Farai Chideya, NPR host and blogger
Dorian Benkoil, MediaBistro
11 Break and networking
11:30 – 12:15 p Workshops and demos (buffet lunch on patio)
3-D worlds
Integrated Media
Systems Center

Adam Powell

Study Center
We Journalism
Innovative methods and new ideas for tapping the collective intelligence of the audience to create news coverage that’s more relevant, enlightening and attuned to issues that people care about
With: Chris Nolan, Spot-On, Hal Strauss, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive and Michael Tippett, NowPublic
Lobby/Foyer demos
La Nacion
New Voices
Knight Foundation
Reuters & Pluck: Embracing blogs and digital platforms Informal meet-ups
12:30 – 1:15 Reuters/Second Life:
What we can learn in virtual worlds
Search Study Group
Search and communities:
Next-generation search for news and information
Chair: Jim Kennedy, Associated Press (with Topix, Eurekster, prefound,com)
Informal meet-ups
1:30 – 3 Investment forum Storer Auditorium
Who’ll pay for new ways to understand news and act on it, including new ways to collect, prepare and distribute information, news and journalism that reveals hard-to-know facts, identifies common problems, clarifies community issues and points out practical courses of action? Who’ll pay for the new ways for people to communicate interactively to better understand one another, to generate real passion in solving local problems and to share the know-how they need to improve their communities?
Alan Webber Founder, Fast Company
Chris Versace, Agile Equity
Jeff Taylor, Monster and Eons
Chris Ahearn, Reuters
Brian O’Malley, Battery Ventures
Scott Rafer, MyBlogLog
Go-to participants:
Chris Tolles, Topix
Dan Rua, Inflexion Partners
Rick Ducey, BIA Financial
Sam Grogg, University of Miami School of Communications
3 – 3:30 Break and networking Grove
Informal meet-ups
3:30 – 5 “Soft Power” Forum Storer Auditorium
How popular culture and media are combining to create a new source of influence and power, and a new flow of information derived from interaction and interactivity among citizens.
Chris Nolan, Spot-On
Jay Rosen, PressThink and NewAssignment.net
Val Prieto, Babalublog
David Sasaki, Global Voices
Gaby Bruna, Media for Change project
Sanjeev Chatterjee, videographer and School of Communication
Chuck DeFeo, Salem Communications
Go-to participants:
Luis Diaz, PeriodismoDePaz.com
Georgia Popplewell, Global Vocies
Alan Rosenblatt, Internet Advocacy Group
James Rucker, Color of Change
Stanislaw Magniant, Netpolitique
Rebecca Weeks, Real Girls Media
5 – 6 Discussions and demos
Scrapblog demoWashingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive demo
Study Center
Pitch your project to investor or innovator (Chris Versace, Rick Ducey, Bill Weiss)
Informal meet-ups
5:15 – 7:30 Mojito reception Grove Informal meet-ups
6:00 – 6:45 Video festival Grove stage
Lauren Cornell, Rhizome
Christine Gambito, “Happy Slip” vlogger
Steve Rosenbaum, Magnify Media
JD Lasica, Our Media
6:45 / 7:30 Karaoke and mojitos Grove and Grove stage
6:45 / 7:30 Shuttles to The Mayfair, Coconut Grove
Dinner on your own

Friday, February 9

8:15 a Shuttles from The Mayfair, Coconut Grove, to University of Miami
9 – 10 Gen Next: Storer Auditorium
The Content Creatives
Savvy, young media creators and students show their work and talk about their media habits and behaviors
Tony Wojtkowiak U of Miami student
Eddy Ramos, junior, Academy of Arts and Minds
Zena Stephens, sophomore, Ransom Everglades School
John Fischer, Infinia Foresight
Joshua Johnson, Miami Herald.com
10 – 10:15 Break
10:15 – noon Town Hall: Storer Auditorium
Behold the Power of Us: The future of media, democracy and community
A town hall meeting on the ideas, forces and stories that are shaping communities and their future in the age of access
Michael Rogers, Futurist-in-residence, New York Times
Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami
Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist
Jason Pontin, MIT Technology Review
Cristi Hegranes, Press Institute for Women in the Developing World
Sheryl Tucker, Executive Editor, Time, Inc.
Alberto Ibarguen, President and CEO, Knight Foundation
John Zogby, President and CEO, Zogby International
Noon Knight-UM announcement Auditorium
12:15 – 12:30 p We Next / iFOCOS Auditorium
12:30 – 2 Lunch
Demos & meet-ups
Lobby, Foyer, Grove
12:30 / 2 Shuttles from University of Miami to The Mayfair, Coconut Gove

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  1. Hi..Is anyone presenting academic papers? I can only see workshops and presentations by professionals. I would, if there are any, join panel discussions over research papers because I believe I have an interesting one. otherwise, how do IO reserve a seat in the workshops? or they go without any prior bookings?

    Hanzada Fikry
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