Get a First Life

Get a First Life!If you’ve been a little bemused or underwhelmed by the goings-on in Second Life (Swedish embassy, Reuters news bureau) this Get a First Life parody will probably hit the spot.

First Life is a 3D analog world where server lag does not exist. Find Out Where You Actually Live! Go Outside!  Membership is Free!

What’s especially notable, other than the dead-on humor, is that Linden Labs, creators of Second Life, responded with a direct anti-”seize-and-desist” letter. It’s nice to see a company that allows, even encourages, parody and derivative creativity — though given Second Life’s ethos, I’d have been surprised by any other response.

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2 thoughts on “Get a First Life

  1. This came across my Rmail feed and was immediately picked up by two of my more vociferous crew members. It took them a bit to figure out what was going on almost to the point of sending Darren a blistering Email and the the searchlight of reality suddenly fell upon them and the only word heard was ‘WOW!’
    Given our focus, [Bias Declared] the metaphor was apt. Well done to the creators and to iFocus for shining the light.

  2. Myself, Adam Pasick (AKA Adam Reuters in Second Life) and Mark Jones will be at WeMedia and will present some the real, and virtual learnings from the Reuters Second Life experience.

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