What a choice: Jeff Jarvis, or a smily ass?

What’s more interesting: Jeff Jarvis skewering Yahoo!, or the smiling ass next to the story? It’s an ad for a … well, never mind, see for yourself. Meetup founder Scott Heiferman rightly notes that the ass web site is not just good, smart or prolific, like Jeff. In Scott’s words, it’s … transcendent. Yes. See Scott’s snapshot here, then explore the ass itself. Go on, it’s ok.

Wait! I didn’t mean go away for good. Go back to Jeff if you’ve got the energy. He does, that’s for sure. He’s one of the smartest media thinkers out there, a genuine A-list blogger talkaholic media pundit, and surely he must be the most prolific. If anyone else writes more than Jeff, with even a fraction of the insight or inspiration, please, just stop. It’s too much, ok? Too. Much. Jeff always has something to say, about something, or someone,  and what’s more incredible than the word count itself is that, more often than not, he’s sharp, thought-provoking and worth the read. Damn it. And thank you. You see in Jeff’s blog, BuzzMachine, the secret sauce that’s missing from most daily journalism, or most media of any sort – unrelenting passion. It’s lovely – lovely to experience, and lovely simply to know it exists.

Here’s Jeff on the Yahoo-Huffington-Slate debate mashup fiasco, in which Yahoo! was supposed to provide tools to allow users to mix and match video soundbites from presidential candiates, but instead, as Wired explained, Yahoo! offered nothing more than a glorified video player:

The much vaunted Yahoo/Huffington Post/Slate presidential debate “mash-up” is a pathetic insult to the voters that is years behind in internet culture.

Go Jeff.